The Language of Life:

When we understand the inner-workings of language, when we explore the life that language takes on in our personal and societal development, we can be begin the conversation of:

  • God creating Adam as the original namer-of-things, and our subsequent ability to create or destroy through the names we give our world.
  • The job of language to build structures of meaning, and thus, to build cultures.
  • The power of our specific vocabulary to shape our individual characters, setting our own houses in order, creating order out of chaos.
  • Recognizing the volatile nature of our character, and the tension between life and death in our tongue – between building or destroying our own narratives.

What do we do with this power? How do we utilize language to make things better, for ourselves and others? In order to harness this tool for our own personal development, we must learn about:

  • The utility of language to build, order, and create rich, meaningful lives
  • How, and why, to practice using our powers for good and not for evil.