Okay, proper introductions are in order.

*holds out hand, grinning emphatically*

Hi there!

I am a writer.  Always have been – from sixth grade on.  It has been the comfort and discomfort of knowing what my “thing” is.  As in, the only thing that perpetually moves me into that breathless feeling of purpose is the terror of digging into the guts of my (and our) tender experience of getting it all wrong (but for the saving grace of God).  I wish it was something else.  Really.  What does it for you?  Decorating cakes?  Political activism?   Running with the Bulls in Pamplona?  That sounds much safer.

And then there’s Jesus.  He gets me through it all: the dark nights of the soul, the fine-grain whetstone sharpening of a marriage, the bright intensity of young motherhood.  I love how the Bible is alive.  I love the Lord.  I love his comfort.  I love his forgiveness.  I love his shelter.  And I love to sit at his dinner table and order up.

This is my angle:

As a woman, I write to discover a tool box just my size to build a solid life of connection and wisdom, set on deep pier blocks of Jesus and the Bible.  Tools like Theology. Psychology.  Emotional Health.  Mental Health.   Character Development.  Vulnerability.  Friendship.  The things I find that help me feel way better than straight coffee and pastries and trash TV.

I write what I need to hear.

That’s the vision: to share human things – exposing the process of going from stuck to unstuck, from hiding to living exposed and present – to give you the tools to build your life too.

It helps.  And I hope it will help you too.








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