And Then There Was a Baby

Presenting, our baby boy!

Because he came a few days shy of right on time.

Because I was completely ready for the intensity of birth, and completely blind-sided by the intensity of the infant days.

Because everything is perfectly fine: he is perfect, I had no complications, his big sisters love him ardently.

Because it was just a regular old, run-of-the-mill birth, of a healthy baby boy, into a stable family unit.

Because my milk came in as it should, my hormones did the textbook belly-flop in my mind, and I melted into a weepy, hungry, quavery mama, right on schedule.

Because our house is big enough, our car is big enough, and our hearts are big enough.

It has been a month since my last post.

Because when everything is normal, having a new baby is still the biggest deal in the whole world.  Even when he is the third born – everything changes all over again.  For me, the work of this last month has been keeping my mind game together.

I had no postpartum depression.  But I had a huge life-event to wrap my life around: a new person to nurse and tend.  And I don’t know if anyone tells you this, but having an infant is hard.  Super hard.  On your brain, and on your sleep schedule.

Do I love my son?  Am I just enthralled by him?  Of course!  He is the most handsome man I have ever seen, aside from my loving husband.  I enjoy getting to snuggle and hold his little frame, counting his toes and tracing his cheeks.  It takes up most of my day, actually.

Which is why I haven’t posted for a month.  I hope to settle back into my weekly routine of blogging again, but the first rule of having a new baby is: be flexible.  So, we will see what develops.

So here is my first little post to announce to you:  our little man is here!  I am pregnant no more!  Both of these things are fantastic reasons to celebrate!  But not with alcohol.  And not staying out too late.  After all, I have to be up in a few hours to nurse.  And a few hours after that.

*le sigh*

But the beauty of having a third baby is that I have a pretty good idea how very short these little months are.  And I can do anything for a few months.

Especially stare at this handsome little face!



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Steph Lenox thinks women need tools to build the unique lives God designed them to live. She suspects there is a way to feel better - a deep peace, and an abiding love - that is both a gift from the Lord, and a skill to cultivate and share. To this end, she loves sharing her emotional tool box with moms in these intense little years.

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