Have a peaceful Christmas: my personal tiding to you this season.

It’s Christmas. 

It’s life, and then it’s Christmas on top of that. 

It’s getting and decorating the tree.  Scratch that: it’s getting the tree, then nursing the baby while the kids hang ornaments in low-hanging clumps, all while the control freak in me swallows a lump.  It’s driving to school in the freezing cold with two girls and an infant.  It’s not sending out Christmas cards this year.  It’s childhood illnesses and trips to the doctor.  It’s the news of Aleppo on the feed.  It’s nursing the baby.  It’s packing for the visit to family in the snow.  It’s keeping the baby in for the night and declining an epic bday party of a dear friend.  It’s negotiating evenings alone with the kids while my husband works late.  It’s nursing the baby.  It’s the girls re-gifting their toys to their cousins.  It’s teaching the girls to wrap a present.  It’s breaking up fights.  It’s nursing the baby.  It’s taking deep breaths when the list is longer (always longer) than my day.  It’s celebrating the small victories. It’s cooking and cleaning and breaking up more fights and nursing the baby, all to the soundtrack of Bing Crosby.

And in that spirit, I’ve got my own personal greeting to you.  Something I wish for you, for me, for all of us.


Here it goes:

“Have a peaceful Christmas”

It seems like it’s what we all want anyways. Peace. Not anxiety. Not trouble. Not drama. Not wanting and wanting and waaaanting all the presents that we area sure not to get. And definitely not the ensuing disappointment and disillusionment with this whole rotten Christmas business.

But peace.

In the Bible story about Christmas, the great crowd of angels giving the birth announcement to the shepherds said, 

“Glory to God in the highest heaven,

and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

The news about baby Jesus’s birth was told as something that brings peace. Baby Jesus brought peace.  I’d bet he brought peace to his mom too.  Not stress and anxiety about multiple night feedings, and endless diaper changes. Not fear about SIDS, infant immunizations, and improper car seat installation.  Peace, from heaven itself.  The sense that it’s all going to be okay, where it matters most.  God’s own son had all the same infant reflexes as my own son, rooting and nursing and folding his feet up into his legs as they were in the womb.  And it was good.  And there was peace.

He brought peace to all mankind.

So I wish you a peaceful Christmas.

Peace is a gift from God. It’s also my job to take care of it, and to steward it well. It’s as if you get a precious gift of a diamond necklace.  Chances are, you would take really good care not to lose it, or let it be damaged. Same thing with the gift of peace. It is so precious. It must be well kept and cared for.  So it is a gift.  But once I have it, I am also responsible not to lose it at the first sign of trouble. Which is what I want to do anyways.

So, from my heart to yours:

Have a Peaceful Christmas.

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  1. chubbymummy says:

    Beautifully written and I enjoyed being reminded of this today. Happy Christmas and may you experience His tangible and beautiful peace today and always.

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