Our history is just incredible.

Girls, I want to interrupt our regularly scheduled posts to make an important announcement that doesn’t have to do with Mommyhood:

Independence Day is my favorite.  Our history is just incredible.

I want to take a moment to say:  our forefathers of our nation were a bunch of unlikely punks.  And I love them for it.

I love the story of America’s Independence Day.  I love our forefathers for their audacity.  I love how England was just going along, following the crowd, colonizing all over the world, as was the trend among the European elites.  Unsuspecting anything out of the ordinary, I love how England totally underestimated America.  I love how the colonists surprised them with their impudence.  And when England put the screws to them, I love how the colonists surprised them again with their guerrilla warfare tactics, their grassroots organization, and their fierce call for independence.

I imagine England as a stern school master, and America as the bad kid at the back of the class, slouching in his chair and shooting spitballs.  All England sees is a rebellious know-nothing, an un-tamed ne’er-do-well, refusing to learn or follow the curriculum.  But as it turns out, that bad kid was busy plotting a coup of the entire class, not as an anarchist, but in order to write and teach a more useful and entirely new curriculum.


The Continental Congress!

The Declaration of Independance!

The Revolutionary War!

The Drafting of the Constitution!

An we were off and running as our own country, free, and governed by a democracy of our own design, complete with checks and balances to protect against an eventual monarchy developing again.

Pretty good for a bunch of rebellious ex-pat English colonists, huh?

Wherever the heck we are these days with our government and our culture, this still is where we came from.  This still is our history and our heritage, and it’s a pretty good one.

I want to take a moment to say, our forefathers put it all on the line to create an unprecedented invention called America.  Nothing like it had ever been done, and the entire world was watching and holding its breath.  France tried to emulate it, but forgot what it was doing, and ended up in a blood bath of the French Revolution.  Not much good came out of it, except for the Broadway production “Les Miserables.”  It’s a fine line that America had to walk in order to keep itself going, and I think, for all that is currently wrong, it has done a fine job.

So, Happy Independence Day, America.  You sat at the back of the class, grumbling at the teacher, an unlikely genius, who ended up inventing an entirely new style of government, which brought a new freedom to an unprecedented amount of people.

Let Freedom Ring.

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