I have a confession to make.

But first, let me give you a little run through of my morning.

I wake up 30 minutes after my five-year-old, which gives her ample time to watch one of her favorite shows and get good and hungry. Get the baby from his crib, change his diaper and get him into clothing. Get myself into clothing and head downstairs. Begin breakfast and sometimes last night’s dishes. Feed Bubs and Babesie and make coffee alongside my Boyo, who is getting ready for work. Drink my coffee while kids play, do dishes and start a load of laundry. then it’s out the door for whatever we are doing that day.

Sounds a lot like your lives right? I forget sometimes there is one big difference between me and about 75% of the other moms I know. I was reminded of this the other morning when I woke up to three different texts, all from about 2 hours previous. These weren’t even ‘still-in-bed’ texts of scripture and heart emojis.  No.  These were “I’m going shopping at Costco, I edited that thing you sent me, Anyone want to do something today?” texts. No one was awake in my house, but all around me a world had been working, playing, and eating for at least 2 hours.

That means they all got up at 7.

SEVEN people. That’s so early!

Here’s my confession: I am a night-owl. My boyo is too, so this actually works out great. We get long happy hours together every evening. My kiddos learn quickly that waking up before 8am will do them no good. Mom and Dad aren’t even coherent at that time. Happy was the day Babesie, our sweet sunshiny morning girl, learned to get her own breakfast and figure out shows by herself.

Why is this a confesison? well, I’ve confessed it before and gotten bug-eyed glares, skeptical glances, and even once “How do you get anything done if you sleep all the time?!”


Let’s be clear. I do not ‘sleep all the time’. I sleep from 1am-8am (sometimes 9 if I’m lucky) and I take a short nap at 2pm. Other than that, I’m awake, and I am on it. Sure, I know that there are lots of go-getter mamas who are up at 6am and go until 11pm without naps. I salute you hard-working mamas. But I also know there are many more of us who are awake at 7am, go until 9pm or 10pm and then hit the hay. Scoot those hours forward by one and you have my well-rested and contented schedule.

why am I confessing? Well, there’s a lot more of us out there, feeling slightly ashamed and weird because we get to sleep in. there’s no ‘get to’ about it, though. my working hours are just later than everyone else’s. I’m folding laundry at 11’o’clock at night and happy as a clam to do so. I have my movies. My house is blessedly quiet. the baby is not gleefully undoing all my work. In the morning, when everyone is downstairs, I put it all away.

My point here is, there are plenty of people who do it all the same way: get up with the sun, tackle the day, go to sleep in the dark. Our world is kind of geared towards most of you. But we aren’t all that way. Just as we all use different things to keep our houses clean, different methods to keep our babies fed, and different rules about TV, so too do we all have different times to be working, playing, eating and sleeping.  It’s not wrong, so long as those things get done.

What’s your Mom Confession?

One thought on “Mom-fessions of a Night Owl

  1. Kitty says:

    I too am a night owl. My kids are grown. It’s OK. – my confession, it STILL doesn’t get done!! lol.

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