New Year’s Day is all wrong.  You can blame Caesar for it.

Look outside:  It’s the dead of winter.  Does anyone else feel just a little weird about a new year beginning in the worst possible time of year?  The animal kingdom has it figured out: they wait until the warmth of spring to have their babies and begin their “new year.”

It seems that waaaaay back, we humans had the same idea too.

That is, until Julius Caesar messed with things.  According to, “Caesar added 67 days to 45 B.C., making 46 B.C. begin on January 1st, rather than in March.”

March?!  What did I tell you?  Spring is just the natural time for newness.  I’d be much more up to staying up until midnight, making big plans and outrageous resolutions, if the world was brighter and warmer and greener.  It would be great.  I’ll bet the statistics would lean much harder toward success if we postponed New Year’s Day a few months.  Who is with me?

All this is to say: go easy on yourself, Mama.  It’s still winter.  Boy is it ever.  Our whole community is battling terrible colds and flu’s.  The cold makes everything feel creaky and grumpy and pinched.

Let the gym memberships wait.  You need that soft Mom-Bod to keep you warm, and to comfort your sicky children.  Seriously, it can wait a few months.

Sure, make healthy choices.  Call a friend and go for a walk outside together.  Time outside makes time inside feel less suffocating.  Stock up on the healthy food that makes you feel good.  Pull out those fleecey jeggings and that worn hoodie.

Let’s keep some perspective:  we just had Christmas, like, yesterday.  We just packed away our entire indoor winter wonderlands into our attics.  It doesn’t make sense to jump start a “Whole New You” like, tomorrow.

Winter is hard.  It’s a time to rest.  It’s a time to contemplate things by the fire.  It’s a time to nourish and nurse ourselves and our families through sickness.  It’s a time to battle cold, and ice, and snow, and polar bears.  Right?!

Instead, let’s use this time to think.  Let’s think long and hard about what we want to do with ourselves this year, when the new year ACTUALLY comes in March.  Seriously, let’s do the math of what our new year’s resolutions will actually cost us.  Let’s strategize and budget, so that when spring comes, we will be totally ready to rock this year.  At this very moment, it’s much too soon after the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season to do anything meaningful.  Is anyone else feeling financially, emotionally, and mentally broke?  Let’s just chill out for a moment.  Or five.  Let’s throw another log on the fire.  Let’s brew a cup of tea.  Let’s measure another dose of medicine for the kids, disinfect the doorknobs again, and snuggle into our hard-working husbands at night.  Once we get a great idea of what we want this year to look like,  let’s march right over to that gym and sign up for that class: first thing come Spring.


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