Hey There. I’m Steph.

As a writer, a mom of 3 littles, and the wife of a tradesman, my heart is to share an “emotional tool box” with moms to help them build the unique lives God designed them to live.

As a woman who has gone to counseling, I laud the helpfulness of psychology.  Emotional and mental health are just as important as physical health, both in treating broken places, and dealing with everyday stresses.  I think everyone should go to therapy.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I relish the wide open spaces of nature that remind me that I am very very small.  Whether taking a hike under the trees, or jumping into the ocean, when I’m out there, I feel a piece of me that often gets knocked loose, fall back into place.

As a Christian, I need the comfort and wisdom of God’s Word.  It really is all about Him.  He gave me (and you!) our unique selves to follow Him in our own places.  We each fill a unique role in His Church: the body of believers.  Let’s point each other back to Christ as our resilience when we lose our way.







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