The Happiness Hack

I was trapped. Trapped by gratitude.

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How to Burn the Brussels Sprouts

First, make elaborate plans for them.  Choose them lovingly from the grocery store, imagining the slow drizzles of herb-infused oil over them.  Tell yourself that your children will eat them THIS time, because they’ve never tasted the amazing flavors you’re going to cook into them. At home, shove them under the lettuce in the bottom…

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The Secret Art of Gentleness

“Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.” Philippians 4:5 In the early morning hours, I laid in bed, tears streaming into my ears. I was listening again to his wails through the intercom on my nightstand.  I tried to muster the energy to rise for the baby again, after waking countless…

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In the Blue Glow: A Scheduling Love Story

They say that the unnatural glow from a computer screen disrupts the natural sleep cycle of our brains.
Thank goodness…

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Finding a Place

Cleaning out the garage sparks realizations of finding a place, good intentions, and growing up.

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Help For Those of Us Triggered By New Fires

5 Things I’ve Learned Since the 2017 North Bay Fires The sunlight through the smoke in Sonoma County cast an eerie red light on the kitchen floor last week.  In an instant, it all came flooding back.  I instinctively grabbed my laptop.  I checked Cal Fire, the local newspaper, and the Northern California Firestorm Update Facebook…

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