Steph Lenox

Everyday Resilience In Christ

Mother’s Day carries with it a sneaky assumption: I should get paid back for all the hard work I do as a mother. 


It was 5:38 when I got The Call. I was already dressed, had my shoes on, Babysitter was arriving at 6:00. Dinner was in the oven, Bubs was using me as a climbing gym. I was ready, more than ready to buck outta there. “I can’t do it,” My dear friend on the other side …

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Dear children, my job is to make you unhappy, about half of the time. I love you too much to let it be otherwise. In my philosophy, disappointment should come from home first.  Here, within the loving environment of our family,  should be your first point of reference for that sensation. Just like you should …

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It’s over.  The whole holiday season.  I know that as a mama and a wife, it was largely my job to work the magic and the social calendar for my family.  I also know that I had a two-month-old baby this season, which automatically forfeited any ambitious holiday schemes that may have been brewing. Over …

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