Steph Lenox

Everyday Resilience In Christ

Mother’s Day carries with it a sneaky assumption: I should get paid back for all the hard work I do as a mother. 


‘Tis the season to be miserable. I practice thankfulness.  I get outside in the sunshine.  I eat an extra cookie.  I feel bad about that, then I eat an extra salad.  I feel empty after that, so I eat an extra turkey leg. Extra, extra, extra. ‘Tis the season to overdo just about everything.  What’s …

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It gets SO much better. There wasn’t even one tantrum.  Not one open-mouthed wailing session. The afternoon breeze blew softly through the line of trees overhead.  the grassy berm of land bordering the walkway to the livestock exhibits had a string of Garton Tractors parked for display.  Whomever was assigned to stand by and sell …

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