In the Blue Glow: A Scheduling Love Story

They say that the unnatural glow from a computer screen disrupts the natural sleep cycle of our brains.
Thank goodness…

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How to Write as a Mom of Littles

I should be sleeping right now.  But I’m typing. Because, here’s the thing:  I love to write.  I always have.  It’s been my dream from childhood.  Real life dreams can rob us of our sleep at times.  But they feel worth it, don’t they? Along with writing, I had other dreams.  To my great luck,…

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Noticing Kick

What do you do, as a blogger, when you feel dry for content? I was asking myself this question.  A little while ago, I began a weekly posting schedule for myself on my blog.  I had a great first few weeks.  I posted on Thursdays, as per scheduled.  I uploaded multiple pics on Instagram.  I…

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How Do Other Writers Do This?

It may take these little – not big – chunks of time, and a habit of plain-old sitting down to write – often – to create great works.

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Tree of Life

When I was young, and I feel sure many of you can relate to this, time stretched before me in long lazy swathes. Sure, I had chores and homework, but for the most part, my time was mine. I sat, I dreamed. Most of all, I wrote. Everyone has their thing. Writing has always been…

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Don’t Cancel On Yourself

It was 5:38 when I got The Call. I was already dressed, had my shoes on, Babysitter was arriving at 6:00. Dinner was in the oven, Bubs was using me as a climbing gym. I was ready, more than ready to buck outta there. “I can’t do it,” My dear friend on the other side…

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